The rate at which social media has grown within these few years is amazing and many are still signing up on daily basis. Facebook and Twitter are among the fastest to grow having captured many people all over the globe. This is because people have come to find out its usefulness. Both developed and underdeveloped countries are into the social media for their private and business uses.

It sure has many benefits that are drawing people to sign up. But a saying goes that anything that has advantages must definitely have disadvantages. Social media also has its own disadvantages; it has affected the society negatively in a number of ways. Although, it largely lies in the hands of the users to determine what they want to achieve through the social media, whether good or bad. In this article, I shall provide you with the good and bad sides of the social media.

I am going to start with the usefulness which I believe outweighs the shortcomings.

The Usefulness

Ability To Connect With People All Over The World
– This is the first usefulness of social media. It gives access for people to get in touch and interact with others all over the world. It cuts across the social, cultural and religious background. It gives access to mutual sharing of thoughts and development.

It Helps In Academic Field – Both students and teachers have benefited a lot form social media. Upcoming ones have the opportunity of interacting with professionals and experts in different fields through social media. One can decide to follow anyone and learn from him or her without paying any money.

Access To Assistance – One can decide to share what is bothering him online and get help immediately from friends and contacts. This help can come in form of advice, encouragement, etc. which would go a long way in comforting the person being hurt. Some even go as far as rendering financial help.

Access To Information And Updates – This gives first class information on things happening around the world. Before the print media and television houses carry the news, it is already flying everywhere on social media. You even get updates from different sources within seconds.

Promotion Of Business – It helps to promote businesses; whether it is an online or offline business. Many people get to know about the business and those that have interest seek to patronize it. This makes marketing more profitable and less expensive. It reduces the cost of advertisement and promotion when you connect with the right set of people.


It Gives Access To Help The Poor – Social media gives access to people that need help to be attended to. It can be used to raise donation for the needy and people respond quickly to it.

It Helps To Spread Knowledge – Social media has helped a lot of people to get knowledge in different areas of life. There is no field that is left behind, ranging from chef to teachers. All can get knowledge in social media that can enhance their personal lives and fields.

It Helps In Fighting Crimes – Governments and security agencies can use social media to track down criminals and 419ers. It has helped in a number of ways to curtail crimes in the society.




It Increases Business Status – Positive comments helps to increase the status of any business. When people talk good about your business and share with their friends, it goes a long way in making the business go up higher and attracts more leads.

It Helps In Building A Global Village – There are many people that wouldn't have had the opportunity of traveling to another country to interact with people over there. Social media has given access to such opportunity. People from different countries can now come together through social media and interact with each other.

The Shortcomings

Cyber Harassment – Most teenagers have been harassed in one way or the other through social media according to report. What promotes this more is the ability for people to create a fake account and whatever nonsense they feel like doing. Some nonentities had capitalized on this to harass innocent ones especially teenagers that use social media.

Encroaching On People's Data – This can lead to loss of so many things including finances and lives. Some Twitter and Facebook accounts had been intruded and posts made as if it was the real account owner making the post. Many people had fallen victim thinking it is the owner of the account that posted such things. This is one of the dangers of social media so everyone should be careful to safeguard their accounts.

One Can Be Addicted
– Teenagers seem to be the most culprit of this bad side of social media, even though some adults still fall victim. It can waste someone's time that would have been used for something better.

Means Of Cheating – This is a great avenue through which people scam and commit frauds.

Exposure To Security Matter – Security agencies can always access people's personal accounts. When someone makes some nasty comment online, these security agencies can trace the person through social media.

Someone's Reputation Is At Stake – Someone's reputation can easily get spoilt on social media by false news carried by one of his friends.

Cheating And Relationship Problems – Social media has created a lot of rooms for cheating in relationships. Some married couples update their status as single thereby using the avenue to cheat on their partners. While some unmarried ones propose to so many people at the same time.

Contribution To Ill Health
– Too much use of the social media can lead to some illnesses that can be avoided. Sitting in the same way for a long time contributes to ill health.

It Is A Cause Of Some Deaths – Some deaths occurred as a result of the victims trying to practice what they have read on the social network.

It Increases Negative Peer Pressure – A lot of people have entered into a wrong group which has contributed in leading them astray. Some joined drug addicts and other addictions.

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